AshleyFuturum Zannata is a professional women’s cycling team which has members all over Australia. Our aim is to encourage people to join our team and also take part in different cycling events, in general. We made our debut in 2004 and since then have been participating in a number of events in different parts of Australia and internationally as well.

Our members are very enthusiastic about cycling. Cycling is our passion and we work very hard to achieve our goals. We participate in different events throughout the year and have won a number of championships. We also participate in various charity events.

Cycling is a very healthy activity. It keeps your body and mind fresh and healthy. We still don’t see much women participating in this activity. We hope our team blog will inspire many women to participate in cycling. In this blog, you will find information about our team and various upcoming cycling events this year. You will also get tips on cycling, cycling gears, etc.

We update our blog regularly. So, you will get new content everyday. If you have any questions regarding cycling or you want to join our team then please write to us.