3 best cycling competitions around the world

A number of cycling competitions take place around the world every year. Here are the some of the best that attracts cyclists all around the world every year.

Milan-San Remo (Italy)

Milan-San Remo (Italy)

This race started in 1907 and takes place in March every year. The total length of the race is 185 miles. This is the longest one-day race in pro cycling. The race is long and flat. There is only one big hump in the whole journey. You will get some gorgeous coastal views. You have to be ready for unpredictable weather and strong wind. There are two small climbs, the 239 meter Cipressa and the 160-meter Pogio de San Remo in the final 20 km of the race. This final stretch is the decided moment of the race.

Amgen Tour of California (USA)

Amgen Tour of California

This race takes place every year in May since 2006. It lasts for 8 days and the length of the race is 650 to 750 miles. This is now considered to be America’s most important bike race. It attracts about half of the elite UCI Pro Teams every year. The cyclists have to ride through California’s wildly diverse terrain which includes coastal redwoods, Sierra foothills, Central Valley farmlands, rolling vineyards, and rugged Coast Ranges. You can see live streaming of the race online.

Tour de France (France)

Tour de France

This historic race started back in 1903. It takes place in the month of July every year. The event takes place for 21 days and is of 2,000 to 2,200 miles. All the top riders of the world take part in this race. There are flat stages and mountain stages. There is no way that to tell who might be the winner at the early stage of the race. This is a very popular cycling event that millions of people around the world look forward to.

Some of these cycling events have been taking place for even the last 100 years. There are some events that are new are as popular as the old ones. The interest in cycling is increasing. Each year the number of participants is increasing in these events making the events more competitive and enjoyable.

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